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PET is a material with such fine characteristics that it is often used in combination with new trends across a range of markets. 

PET is shatterproof, glass-clear and lightweight, with great barrier properties, giving you the same luxury appeal as glass without any of glass’s negative features such as being breakable or very heavy. 

One of the very latest trends in the ice cream packaging world is to present ice cream in a glass-clear PET jar which displays the product’s colours and textures to their fullest advantage …. giving it maximum appeal. 

Frapak Packaging is one of the ice cream packaging suppliers in Europe. 

Ice Cream Packaging in PET

Ice cream packaging made of PET

We think that the first ice cream producers who identified this trend recognised its potential and created a huge hype in their market. All based on the simple question: why would you hide such a great-looking product under a non-transparent layer of laminated cardboard or injection moulded PP when your product can be shown to its fullest extent by using a PET jar?!

The trend for see-through packaging began in 2013 in the USA when Talenti Ice cream first launched their 500 ml (473 ml) portion in a PET container.  Since then various European ice cream producers have picked up on this trend and have started to use transparent PET jars to package their 500 ml products; but it hasn’t stop there - on the contrary! 

Companies across Europe are now selling their single-portion ice cream desserts on the market using a range of straight cylindrical 150, 200, 250 & 300 ml PET jars. Creating ice cream packing using PET is clever marketing, as the glass-clear jars showcase the product to its fullest. An HDPE or PP closure, often customised with a brand logo, for example, makes the package complete and ready to be served. 

So, if you are looking for a new way of presenting your own brand of Italian Gelato, why not consider using PET jars? The transparent containers will provide you with the best solution for your ice cream packaging needs and, at the same time, be ‘right on trend’! 

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