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Lotion Pumps

Frapak Packaging has been a lotion pump wholesale supplier for many years. 
Lotion pumps or soap pumps are used to dispense a large variety of liquids from creams and tonics, to hair care products and liquid soaps.

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Application fields of the lotion pump

  • Baby care
  • Body care
  • Hair care
  • Sun care
  • Facial skin care
  • Personal hygiene
  • Disinfection
The lotion pump normally consists of an engine which needs to be primed by pressing the head, a head which can be designed to fit the customer requirements. 
lotion pump

The lotion pump has the feature lock up or lock down

The closing of the pump can be in a lock-up position like the P2000.

Or a lock-down one like the SD20 which enables the user to turn the head to the left or right in the lock-up position or unscrew the head from the closure in the lock-down position.

The advantages of a lock-up pump is that you can close the pump after using it. The disadvantage is that the pumps are more expensive and have a limited top load.

The lock-up pump P2000 is produced with a pure path engine which ensures that the user has metal free dispensing. The spring mechanism is also not in contact with the product, thus eliminating any risk of contamination and oxidation by having contact with the contents.
lotion pumps supplier


Most lotion pumps have a smooth or ribbed neck

All soap pumps have standard closure sizes such as 24-410, 24-415 and 28-410 and are available in two different output sizes:

1.5 ml and 2.0 ml. Most of the closures are available in ribbed and smooth finishes.

Lock-up lotion pump, lock-down lotion pump

High output lotion pumps

High-output dispensers for showers and baths or professional haircare products are possible with a 33-410 closure.

These pumps feature a unique engine design for high-viscosity formulas and, with the water protection system, this pump is ideal for shampoos, hair conditioners and body washes.
High out-put lotion pump

The lotion pump decoration

The pump can also be decorated and made with an aluminium or metal over shell.

These over shells can be produced in any colour but the most common colours which are available as standard are silver and gold shiny and silver and gold matt.

An extra option available on the lock-up pump is a tamper evident feature: a cover fitted on the head and between the piston.
Lotion packaging decoration tamper evident cover pump

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