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Slim Round PVC Bottles: Ideal for Haircare Spray Products

Sleek Design

Slim Round PVC bottles feature a stylish round shoulder design with a slender body, perfect for packaging various liquids, particularly suited for haircare spray products.

Size and Neck Options

  • Sizes: Available in 125 ml capacity, tailored for compact packaging needs.
  • Neck Size: Features a 20-410 neck size, compatible with a variety of closures and dispensers.

Durable PVC Material

Crafted from PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), these bottles offer durability and chemical resistance, ensuring reliable containment of liquid contents.

Custom Colour Options

Slim Round PVC bottles can be manufactured in a wide range of colours, allowing for customisation to match your brand's identity and product aesthetics.


Ideal for packaging:

Why Choose Slim Round PVC Bottles?

  • Space-Saving Design: Slim body with a round shoulder for efficient storage and handling.
  • Practical Size: 125 ml capacity suitable for various liquid products.
  • Neck Size: 20-410 neck compatible with different closures for flexible dispensing options.
  • Customisable Colours: Available in many colours to enhance product visibility and brand differentiation.
  • Durable Material: Made from PVC, providing durability and chemical resistance for safe product storage.

Choose Slim Round PVC bottles for stylish and functional packaging solutions tailored to haircare and cosmetic products. Contact us today to explore customisation options or to place an order for your specific packaging needs.