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Myspray PET bottle:

The MySpray PET Bottles has a straight shoulder and is specially designed for an overcap. The MySpray PET Bottles are available from 100ml up to 250 ml and have two different neck sizes 20-410 and 24-410.

The MySpray Bottles are available in two different materials PET and HDPE and also in many colours, even the over cap can be delivered in different colours. The MySpray is mostly used in combination with a fine mist sprayer for hair care products.

The Myspray PET Bottles are standard transparent , but they are also  available in a custom made color. The PET bottles can be colour in opaque or translucent. Every bottle is able to match with a component.

The Myspray PET bottle is mostly used with a finger sprayer or a dispenser. Choose your type of the Myspray PET and see our MOQ. The minimum order quantity of our components can be different and that is also depending of a standard coloured or customade colour.