PET Pharma Mini


Pharma Mini PET Bottles: Adaptable Packaging Solutions

Frapak Packaging offers a diverse range of Pharma Mini PET bottles tailored to various industries and applications. Crafted from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), renowned for its durability, clarity, and chemical resistance, these bottles provide reliable packaging solutions.

Ideal Design for Liquid Products

The Pharma Mini shape is uniquely designed to accommodate a wide range of liquid products, including pharmaceuticalscosmetics, and chemicals. With a round shape facilitating easy labelling and handling, and sizes ranging from 10ml to 75ml, these bottles offer flexibility in packaging and dispensing. The neck size is standardised at 18 ROPP.

Supplier of Pharma Mini PET Bottles

Our Pharma Mini PET bottles are available in clear and amber colours, customisable with screw caps offered in various colours. Committed to sustainability, all our bottles are fully recyclable (Check our rPET version) and designed to be lightweight, reducing shipping costs and environmental impact.

Decoration Options

Elevate your brand with our extensive decoration options. From printing to hot stamping, we offer the flexibility to decorate in any desired colour, ensuring your design perfectly reflects your brand identity and stands out on the shelf.

Our high-quality printing process delivers crisp, clear, and long-lasting designs, capable of reproducing intricate patterns, vibrant colours, and photographic images with stunning detail. Meanwhile, hot stamping adds a luxurious touch, employing metallic foil to create shiny and eye-catching designs.