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Veral and Syrup bottles for the Pharma Range

Frapak/FlexPET have carefully manufactured two ranges of Pharmaceutical PET bottles, Veral and Syrup shaped, specifically for (OTC) ‘over the counter’ products and prescription medications sold through drugstores and pharmacists. The bottles are provided with a 28 ROPP (Roll on Pilfer Proof) neck finish which can take various Tamper Evident Caps (TE-closure) and even the official ISO 8317 certified TE - CRC closure. A wide range of sizes of the Veral and Syrup bottles, in CLEAR and AMBER, are available in stock with a (MOQ) ‘minimum order quantity’ of 1 pallet.

Amber PET bottles
Tamper evident closure

Pharmacopoeia-approved raw material

Our high-end Pharmaceutical PET products are made from the highest possible grade of PET material which is European Pharmacopeia approved.

The material RamaPET R180 from the manufacturer, Indorama, is produced in the Netherlands at their Rotterdam plant and has been certified to be compliant with the European Pharmacopoeia since the mid-90s.
Pharmaceutical bottles packaging

Cleanroom production environment for the Pharma PET bottles

Frapak/FlexPET produce the Veral and Syrup Pharmaceutical PET bottles under strictly controlled conditions in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom.

In the cleanroom, the area where the product is physically made and transported, conditions have even been boosted to an ISO Class 8 level.

Pharmaceutical packaging
Pharma PET bottles

Clean packaging of the products

The products coming into the cleanroom are produced and packed without any contact by human hand.

All the PET bottles and PET jars in the cleanroom are automatically and directly packed into brickpacks which guarantee a first layer of protection and a dust free cover.
Pharma bottles


Certified production procedures

Production at the manufacturing site, is done under strict quality procedures according to ISO 15378:2015, a standard which certifies a quality system, including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), for the design and manufacturing of primary packaging materials for medicinal products.

Besides ISO 15378 the manufacturing site also carries an ISO 9001 and EN 15593:2010 certificate all audited by TÜV Rheinland.

Migration testing

Migration testing of all the PET grades used by Frapak/FlexPET has been completed according to the latest EU regulation EC:10/2011.

DoCs (Documents of Compliance) are readily available and detailed migration reports can be shared under a non-disclosure agreement.


Although our products are sterile when they come out of the machine, a higher level of guaranteed sterilisation can be met by using Gamma Irradiation. All the products which need to be gamma irradiated are put in brickpacks with 1 or 2 additional bags before being placed into the box pallet. At the gamma irradiation plant, the pallets are guided past a radioactive Cobalt 60 source emitting gamma irradiation which penetrates through the whole pallet including the brickpacks containing the PET products, thus guaranteeing a high level of sterility. 

Gamma-irradiation doesn’t change the technical properties of the products and is known to be a very safe way of sterilising products without applying heat.

Pharmaceutical PET products