Screen printing


In the screen printing process, the different screens (for each colour) are brought in contact with the bottle or jar in the full colour screen-printing machine, and the ink is released onto the gaps in the mesh in a controlled and prescribed amount.

The screen printing process is sometimes not feasible for complicated and irregular shapes, as the screen on this rotary process cannot come in contact with the desired print area. In these specific cases, tampon printing is used.

In the tampon printing process, an image is transferred from the printing machine onto the item by using a pad and a cliché. The pad absorbs the ink from the cliché, and as the pad is made from flexible silicon, it picks up the ink and transfers the design by pressing it onto the part.

Your Brand is our mission

Setting your Brand or packaging apart from the other products on the shelf can be realised not only by the shape of the bottle, but also by its decoration, as this is a vital part of a distinctive look. Instead of labelling your bottles or jars, you can choose for a printed design, which offers you a sophisticated look. Frapak Packaging provides screen printing on all our bottles and jars, in 1 to 6 colours, in combination with hotfoil.

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