Car care packaging

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Frapak Packaging is the leader in car care packaging solutions. Our automotive plastic packaging products are designed to keep car and motorcycle parts safe from dirt, dust, and moisture during shipping and storage. We use only the highest quality plastic resins and advanced manufacturing technology to ensure our car care packaging stands up to whatever comes its way

We take pride in supplying special designed bottles with CRC caps that meet your exact specifications. Our car care packaging is designed for maximum convenience and protection of your valuable car or motorcycle parts so you know they will reach their destination safely.

With Frapak Packaging, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most reliable car care packaging available on the market today.

Keeping your car or motorcycle in a brand-new shape requires the best products. A freshly cleaned and waxed car looks great if you work with an industry were car care products are important.
From a glass cleaner to a polish or wax, we can supply the complete packaging demands.

Trigger pump with a 250 ml until 1000 ml HDPE or PET bottle for cleaning products. Or 100 to 500 ml bottles with caps for car wax or textile cleaners with a high output sprayer.

Car care packaging

Car care plastic packaging solutions

Supplier of Car care plastic products

Frapak Packaging provides recycled plastic packaging with a wide range of products from small bottles and jars to larger plastic packaging. The recycled plastic is designed to be used in the automotive industry and helps reduce your impact on the environment while still providing safe storage solutions for your precious car parts

For the best recycled plastic packaging solutions that you can trust, turn to Frapak Packaging. We offer an extensive selection of recycled car care packaging ranging from bottles and jars to closures and pumps.

With our recycled plastic packaging, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality or protection when it comes time to ship or store your valuable car parts.