An attractive and distinctive packaging design is a key factor in persuading your customers to choose your product from the shelf. An aluminium or metallic look enhances the exclusive and luxurious design your customers are looking for.

In the cosmetic market for facial and body care products, the most common solution up until now to achieve this effect was the addition of an aluminium part anodized in a gold or silver finish.

Products such as lids and closures for jars and bottles, but also fine mist sprayers and cosmetic dispensers, can now be decorated in such a way that your customers find them appealing.

The innovation in this area is coming from the hot stamping industry and is called Decofoil or 3D hot stamping. In this hot stamping process, a heat transfer foil is applied to the complete plastic part and results in a metallic or aluminium look.

The foil can either be with a high gloss finish or with a matt silk effect resembling the appearance of an anodized part. Even a brushed or wooden finish is possible in this highly flexible decoration process.

Another major advantage of this hot stamping process is the customization possibilities it offers, allowing designs with logos and brand names in metallic silver or metallic gold at almost the same cost. Your brand or product name will stand out from the competition, offering a unique and exclusive design at a very competitive price.

Process of Decofoil

In the enclosed video you can see the different phases of the process:

Infeed and take out : the products either packed on a tray are fed into the machine and each individual part is placed onto a holder in the machine. These holders are product-specific in order to guarantee the highest quality. At the same station the finalized product is taken from the holder and placed back onto the tray.

Before the first hot stamp station the parts are cleaned by means of ionized air to minimize dust particles.

Hot stamp 1: in the first station the radius on the top of the part is normally hot stamped. The foil is fed in from a coil placed above the station.

Hot stamp 2: in the second station the side of the part is hot stamped. The foil is fed in from a coil placed above the station.

Hot stamp 3: in the third station the top of the part is hot stamped. The foil is fed in from a coil placed above the station.

Customization: in the fourth station either the side or the top of the part can be decorated.

Decoration of Jars and Lids 

Decoration of lids now has unlimited possibilities. Of course, standard colours such as shiny silver, matt silver, shiny gold and matt gold are never an issue and always available. With the new decoration technique, however, a full pallet of standard and custom colours are now within reach. 

An overview of the different colour options can be found in the Materials chapter. For our standard packaging range we have developed a closure for a 50 ml SAN or PMMA jar, and this standard will be extended to numerous variants. Also a 70-400 and a 89-400 cap for standard PET jars are under development and will soon be added to our range.

There are numerous customization and personalization possibilities for these lids. Your logo, brand name, or product name can be decorated on top of the lid so your customer immediately experiences your product or brand name in the best way possible.

Decoration Jars and Lids

Advantages of Decofoil

highly flexible 
finishes either high gloss, matt silk and even brushed 
any colour possible even in different combinations 
even non-metallic decoration effects such as wood or carbon

easy customizable
branding on each product line and not only on the container 
logo types or product names in metallic matt and shiny colours 
uniform brand identity over the different packaging items such as jars, dispensers and closures

cost effective against aluminium parts
lower cost due to the efficient process
lower cost due to the low aluminium content 

lower carbon footprint
Sustainable and adding to your environmental responsibility luxurious image in combination with responsible packaging 

Decofoil caps

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